New Leaders in Seven Words #7wordstory (Part Three)

In honor of New Leaders 20 year anniversary, we asked what it means to be a New Leader. Our #7wordstories capture the spirit of New Leaders. (Part Three)
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This time of year is filled with quiet reflection and gratitude. We, at New Leaders, are especially grateful for our alumni and staff who work tirelessly to build schools that create a more just world, especially for underestimated and underserved students and their communities.  

In honor of our 20 year anniversary, we asked you what it means to be a New Leader. And in exactly seven words, you captured the spirit of New Leaders.

Together we are working toward excellence and equity in every school, for every student. Our deepest appreciation for all you do on behalf of children.

Fulfilling my purpose of increasing student achievement

Aneesha Hogan, Principal, New Orleans, LA

You can change the lives of others

Fabayo McIntosh, Deputy Superintendent, Brooklyn, NY

Educating students and stakeholders in my childhood community

Courtney Johnson, Teacher Mentor, Newark, NJ

Breaking generational curses where it's needed most

Fia Davis, Deputy Superintendent, Bronx, NY

Believing education can be the great equalizer

Jean Desravines, Chief Executive Officer, New Leaders, New York City, NY

Leading with an equity lens for children!

Dr. Zipporah Hightower, Superintendent, Skokie, IL

Like-minded individuals creating opportunities for ALL kids

Lisa M. Smith-Sherrod, Adjunct Principal Trainer, New Leaders, Pikesville, MD

Educating students is a tool for liberation

Kourtney Boyd, Principal, Brooklyn, NY

Still learning, still supporting, still loving youth!

Lorraine Cruz, Leadership Coach, Chicago, IL

Providing opportunities for all regardless of circumstances

Mario Willis, Superintendent, Southhaven, MS

Making a difference for students and teachers

Dr. Larie Godinez, Program Director, New Leaders, Oswego, IL

Hard work and determination support all students

Monique Bartling, Curriculum and Instruction Site Director, Norwalk, CT

Continuing to learn to support teachers’ teaching

Chunmeka Wayne Tunstall, K-5 Social Studies Advisor, Memphis, TN

Nurturing scholars’ minds through effective instructional leadership

Dr. Patrick Awosogba, Principal, New York City, NY

Being an advocate for students in Baltimore

Tiffany Williams, Principal, Baltimore, MD

New Leaders foundation = My impact on students

Mathew King, Education Leadership Coach and Consultant, Columbus, OH

Fulfilling my purpose by supporting future leaders

Shaland Saulsbery, Assistant Principal, Cordova, TN

Well? Where do we go from here!

John Xavier, Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

Identifying opportunities to influence students’ future trajectories

Erick Pruitt, Superintendent, Ankeny, IA

Aligning passion and purpose for school transformation

Lauren Ramers, Program Designer, New Leaders, San Diego, CA

Life changing experience for many to grow

Yadira Guzman, Principal, Chicago, IL

Humbled and honored to work with families

Tomasz Krzyzostaniak, Principal, Manhattan, NY

Leading equitable instructional shifts for student success

Nancia Sterling, Executive Director of Instructional Quality, New Orleans, LA

Leading transformational change to improve student outcomes!

Soya Moore, Assistant Principal, Memphis, TN

Providing opportunities for all students—no excuses

Santiago Navarro, Milwaukee, WI

Opportunities to grow stronger, more diverse communities

Denise Gaffor, Education Administration, Newark, NJ

Being the change toward unlocking brighter futures

Dwight Chase, Assistant Principal, Brooklyn, NY

Improving lives, one child at a time

Erica Key, Principal, Memphis, TN

Excellence and equity now—ALL means ALL

For more inspiring #7WordStories, read Part One and Part Two.

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