Our Results

Measurable Impact And Sustainable Results

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The impact of our leadership development programs contributes to better outcomes for schools, students, and society. According to multiple independent reports, including from the RAND Corporation, New Leaders has the strongest evidence base of any education leadership program in the country.

Our Impact By The Numbers

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8,000+ education leaders trained
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41 states with schools served by New Leaders alumni
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2M+ students impacted
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850 schools are led by New Leaders principals
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2 of 3 leaders trained are leaders of color
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87% of students impacted are students of color

Growing Our Network Of Transformational Leaders Across The Country

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Multiple independent evaluations have proven that in schools led by a New Leaders principal:

Students doing homework

Students perform better in reading and math

Student and teacher in math class

Students gain additional months of learning

Students standing in line

Students have better attendance rates

Women standing together

Principals themselves stay in their roles longer

Evidence of our Impact

Learn how 100% of Arlington Independent School District’s program participants led gains across their teams, with 75% of participants achieving double-digit gains.

Read more about the strong partnership and alignment between Arlington Independent School District’s priorities and New Leaders’ expertise which resulted in impressive student achievement results in its first year.

Uncover how Chicago Public School students enrolled in schools led by New Leaders principals showed average gains of nearly +7 percentage points in combined reading and math achievement.

“Chicago students’ scores, well below average in third grade, improve from third to eighth grade in Chicago at a rate faster than 96 percent of districts in the US. And Chicago third-graders’ test scores are higher in more recent student cohorts than in older cohorts. These patterns are evident both on the Illinois Standards Achievement Test results and the NAEP assessments, which suggests that the patterns of test score growth reflect real improvements in students’ academic skills” -Stanford CEPA Report
Click here to read the full report.

Discover how 70% of teacher leaders trained by New Leaders led their teams to deliver gains in student performance on annual statewide tests during their training year.

Read more about how teacher leaders in the Emerging Leaders Program immediately boosted student learning and made significant, measurable gains on high-impact skills.

Discover More Case Studies

Juanita S. Brown, Principal

New York City Department of Education
“I encourage principals to partner with New Leaders because the role of a leader is very lonely. You can feel isolated. However, my partnership has provided a wealth of resources and the opportunity to be part of a knowledgeable community and brainstorm with leaders who face similar challenges that I face every day.”

Dr. Angela Whitelaw, Assistant Superintendent

Department of Schools & Leadership, Memphis-Shelby County Schools
“New Leaders is a servant leadership model for us. New Leaders is humble enough to listen to us, but we need courageous conversations and that’s what I value most about our partnership with New Leaders.”