New Leaders in Seven Words #7wordstory (Part Two)

In honor of New Leaders 20 year anniversary, we asked what it means to be a New Leader. Our #7wordstories capture the spirit of New Leaders. (Part Two)
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This is the question we put out to our alumni and staff across the country—from assistant principals to nonprofit directors; from district superintendents to leadership coaches. In honor of our 20 year anniversary, we wanted to hear from you.

The response has been overwhelming and uplifting. In exactly seven words, we asked you to capture the spirit of New Leaders. And you did. You inspire us all.

Leading with courage to support all children

Manuel Adrianzen, Principal, Chicago, IL

Supporting education to lift every child, everywhere

Sarah Leikin, Nonprofit Director, Albuquerque, NM

Overcoming systemic resistance to transform children’s lives

Erin Roche, Principal, Chicago, IL

Helping children and adults achieve their highest

Fia Davis, Deputy Superintendent, Bronx, NY

Be a part of the change you NEED

Dr. Tonya Walker-Barnes, Administrator, Collierville, TN

Having a lasting impact in school communities

Calana Gilbert, Middle School Educator, Brooklyn, NY

Systemic work to ensure excellence and belonging

Melissa Barnes Dholakia, Board Chair, Bend-La-Pine School District, Bend, OR

Transforming minds, transforming hearts, and transforming practice

Glynis Richardson, District/CMO Academic Strategy Coach, Hartford, CT

Providing access and opportunity for all stakeholders

Dr. Archie Moss, Jr, School Design Partner, Memphis, TN

Bold transformative leadership that drives student success

Sonia Beatty, New Leaders, New York, NY

Impacting students and teachers with endless possibilities

Kristin Eng, Assistant Principal, Chicago, IL

Great opportunities come few and far between

Stephanie Jenkins, Assistant Principal, Clinton Township, MI

Something NO ONE can take from me!

Kelly Carideo, Principal, Baltimore, MD

Being a New Leader has sharpened my skills

Lori Briscoe, Dean, Washington, DC

Leading others to be their greatest selves

Jennifer Sweeters, Assistant Principal, Wilton, CT

When you know better, you do better!

Sandra Gassaway, Assistant Principal, Prince George’s County, MD

Change in me to lead and grow

Amanda Lane, Teacher, Charlotte, NC

I believe in supporting Black Brown children

Lucy Matos, Bilingual Adjunct Trainer, New Leaders, New York City, NY

Leading with heart to help all children succeed

Katlina Brown, Principal, Chicago, IL

Empowering marginalized students to become global leaders

Dr. Bertrand Tchoumi, Principal, New York City, NY

Transforming leaders and teachers to increase outcomes

Yalil Nieves, Principal, Chicago, IL

Maximizing student potential through equitable instructional leadership

Marc Etienne, Executive Director, Teaching and Learning, Baltimore, MD

Collaborating on a bigger scope for scholars

Amanda Coleman, Interventionist, Baltimore, MD

Educating, validating, and empowering so others flourish

Shelina Warren, Instructional Coach, Washington, DC

In darkness, the stars shine more brightly

Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, Founder and Chief Schools Officer, Leverage Leadership Institute & Uncommon Schools, Newark, NJ

Educational excellence and equity for ALL students!

Tiffany Stocks, Associate Director eLearning & Design, New Leaders, Zionsville, IL

Privilege to serve on a big scale

Luz Borges, Principal, Chicago, IL

Leading educators to ensure all students thrive

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