Leadership Development Pathways

Building Transformative Leaders for Better Student Outcomes

Sean McClung
New Leaders Alumni, 2012

Our Leadership Development Pathways are immersive programs designed to implement a competency-based professional learning experience. Our development model provides participants with the interactive tools, instructional strategies, individualized coaching, and community support required to deliver effective results, measurable change, and sustainable student outcomes.

New Leaders teacher in discussion with students

Your Journey in Building Leadership Excellence

As leaders work through our Leadership Development Pathways they deepen their expertise and build their capacity around what it means to be an effective and equity-focused instructional leader. Key competencies explored within our Leadership Development Pathways support leaders in learning to:
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Lead high-performing and equitable teams, schools, and systems by implementing systems and structures to drive team and school-wide improvement and student achievement gains
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Use a 4-Part Action Planning Process to diagnose, set goals, create action plans, and monitor/adjust plans in order to drive instructional excellence and equity
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Develop a strong and positive team, school, and system culture of shared mission and values in which equitable practices are at the forefront
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Utilize data-driven decision-making and coaching cycles to support teacher practice, align content, and increase outcomes for all students
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Establish instructional leadership teams and utilize distributed leadership to scale best practices and build the capacity of others
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Effectively implement strategies for addressing the technical challenges, adaptive challenges, and implementation dips that result from changes in practice
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Examine their own leadership practices to maximize impact

Your Journey In Building Leadership Excellence

Our pathways can be structured into a one, two, or three-year engagement using a combination of programs to meet your leadership development needs. Through all pathways, participants will focus on setting a foundation of learning, building capacity by scaling best practices, and sustaining impact with coaching and support.

Learning For Every Leader, School- and District-Wide