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Principal Coaching

Supporting School Leaders To Deepen Their Impact

Felipe Jackson
New Leaders Alum, 2011

Develop—And Retain—Your Principals

High-quality professional learning is a top reason leaders cite for staying in their roles. Coaching offers a personalized, job-embedded approach to leading more effectively.

Provide your school leaders with the support they need, when they need it most.

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Thank you for your interest in New Leaders. Our team will be in contact with you soon.

We invite you to explore more of our New Leaders programs and services. Or if you’re ready to talk with a member of our K12 Partner Engagement team now, please schedule a time that works best for you. 

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Why Invest in Coaching

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Improve teaching and learning outcomes
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Develop resilient and effective school leaders
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Strengthen accountability and drive results
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Find solutions to unique school challenges
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Apply new professional learning in real-time
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Increase job satisfaction and retention
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Results You Can Count On

“We get great feedback from our leaders on the content of New Leaders programming. They love the coaching. They feel that they are really being strengthened as leaders.”
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Tracee Frazier

Director, Educator Pipelines and Induction
Baltimore City Public Schools
“New Leaders improved me in ways that I never would have otherwise. Their personalized feedback and coaching built in me a certain amount of grit and willingness to be vulnerable. It made me a better leader and a better person.”
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Dr. Hugo A. Saucedo

San Antonio Independent School District
“It is eye-opening to have a New Leaders coach come in, listen to your experiences, ask you great questions, call out what you’re not seeing or what needs to shift. The impact is huge.”
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Katie Carmany

Vice Principal on Special Assignment
Fresno Unified School District

Strategic District Consulting Services

Our tailored services are supporting deputy chief Lewis and his team to audit the existing district model of principal evaluation and then engage multiple stakeholders to revise a development framework that measures the impact and efficacy of school leaders.

Drive greater impact with the customized support you need.

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“Executive leadership coaching helps me to prioritize where to start, identify my next steps, and look for evidence of progress. It keeps the focus of our decisions centered on student learning and allows me to stand in confidence in my leadership.”
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Gina Sudaria

Ravenswood City School District
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“New Leaders understands my issues.”
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Elizabeth Kirby

Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District
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How It Works

New Leaders Coach + School Leader
Getting Started
Create a coaching goal and action plan that address priorities
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Coaching Sessions
Adapt leadership practices to make progress against goals and learning targets
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Looking Ahead
Reflect on growth and develop a plan to sustain learning moving forward
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Here’s Why Coaching Works

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Space for immediate solutions
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Resilient and adaptive leadership growth
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Individualized and
on-time support
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Direct application of professional learning

Areas Of Focus For Coaching Can Include:

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Strengthening instructional leadership practices to drive learning gains

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Building team capacity for data analysis and continuous school improvement

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Refining school-wide systems and structures to advance equitable solutions

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Developing new leadership skills for career advancement and transformational impact