Our Why

Equipping Leaders To Be Powerful And Positive Forces For Change
Leroy Gaines
New Leaders Alum, 2010

Our Mission

New Leaders develops transformational, equity-minded school leaders and advances policies and practices that ensure high academic achievement for all children—especially students of color and students from communities with lower incomes.

Our Vision

Educational excellence and equity in every school, for every student.

New Leaders teacher in a school hallway - New Leaders Images
New Leaders Alumni School

We believe all children are capable of extraordinary things.

We believe educational leaders, in partnership with the communities they serve, have unparalleled impact on the academic success and well-being of their students.

Felipe Jackson
New Leaders Alum, 2011
New Leaders Alumni School

We believe schools excel when educational leaders create the conditions in which every child can thrive.

We believe communities flourish when educational leaders build more equitable and sustainable school systems.

New Leaders Alumni School
New Leaders Alumni School

We believe the strength and vitality of our society is determined by the quality of our schools.

Our Commitment To Equity

New Leaders cultivates and shapes exceptional school leaders to build equitable systems and create learning environments free from bias and limitation.

By disrupting inequities in our education system that disproportionately impact underserved students, and in particular students of color, we create more equitable outcomes for all students and the school communities we serve.

Our vision of educational equity is one in which the leaders within a system of schools represent the racial and cultural identities in their communities, and all leaders are equipped with the skills they need to advocate for and implement practices that propel all students to lifelong success.

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