Our Story

Two Decades Of Transformational Impact In Schools, For Students

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Leadership Changes Everything

A quality K-12 education can—and should—be accessible to all children in the U.S.

At New Leaders, we know the solution to disrupting inequities is to build the capacity of diverse, equity-minded school leaders who are committed to the success of every child.

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Our Reach

In 2001, New Leaders launched Aspiring Principals, our flagship principal preparation program, with a cohort of 14 educators. Since then, we have developed more than 8,000 equity-focused leaders who reach 2 million students in more than 45 cities nationwide.

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Our Impact

Our approach works. The impact of our leadership development programs contributes to better outcomes for schools, students, and society. Multiple independent evaluations have proven that in schools led by a New Leaders principal:
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Students perform better in reading and math
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Students have better attendance rates
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Students gain additional months of learning
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Principals themselves stay in their roles longer

Our History

Twenty years ago, we set out on a mission to help our country redefine what the role of the principal should be. We worked to shift away from the limited vision of a principal as an operations manager to set a new national vision of a mission-driven instructional leader who is accountable for student outcomes.

Today, we are working tirelessly to build schools committed to the success of every child. The leaders we develop serve as an example of what is possible. They support students in fully realizing their futures as the next generation of great thinkers, innovators, and advocates in service of a stronger, more equitable, and more just society.

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Newark Cohort, 2014