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Isamar Vargas
New Leaders Alumni, 2011

Principals can be powerful and positive forces for change.

Exceptional school leaders demand excellence and equity, changing opportunities and outcomes for their students, schools, and society. New Leaders has over 20 years of experience working with school leaders and leadership teams to drive school-wide improvement and create learning environments in which everyone thrives.

Learn how we can support you to advance learning, teaching, and equity outcomes in your school.

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Felipe Jackson
Leaders Alum, 2011

Principal Coaching

Our Principal Coaching services provide confidential, trusted thought partnership and feedback for individual school leaders. Each coaching session utilizes a cycle of inquiry to drive deep thinking and build the capacity of leaders to reflect, analyze, problem-solve independently, and achieve personal growth goals.

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Instructional Leadership Team Summits

Transformational school leaders are the leverage point for moving schools from struggling to great. Strong school leaders can further accelerate their impact on student learning and well-being when working with equally strong instructional leadership teams. In our Instructional Leadership Team Summits (ILT Summits), school teams learn how to work together effectively as they implement and monitor collaborative planning processes designed to accelerate equity and excellence throughout the building.

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Patricia Drummond
Leaders Alum, 2011

Leading and Learning Workshops

Leading and Learning Workshops are short, 4-hour virtual sessions designed to provide critical support to educators on urgent problems of practice. These sessions offer flexible ways for school and district leaders to engage with their peers and increase their toolkit of best practices for instructional leadership.

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