Transformational Leadership Framework™

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What Is The Transformational Leadership Framework (TLF)?

The TLF is our evidence-based framework for sustained school improvement.
We examined more than 100 of the highest-performing schools nationwide and pinpointed how leaders contributed to student success, regardless of school size, location, or student demographics. The TLF offers leadership actions you can use today.

Why Did New Leaders Create The TLF?

The TLF was created to accelerate excellence and equity. Our goal is to assist education leaders in creating a learning community that nurtures both well-being and academic growth, especially for students and community members of color.

The Five Categories Of The TLF

Our framework includes five major categories central to sustaining school improvement and effective leadership actions for principals and school communities.

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Learning and teaching focuses on the rigor of curriculum and planning, consistency of instructional strategies and classroom routines, use of data to improve instruction, and the process of differentiating instruction to meet student needs.

School culture targets actions that set community-wide high expectations, shared accountability, and a culture of deep learning.

New Leaders Alumni School
New Leaders Alumni School

Talent management dives into developing and sustaining professional learning communities while providing actionable feedback to staff.

Planning and operations focuses on implementing key structures to support school-wide learning and align resources with instructional priorities.

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Personal leadership centers on defining leadership stance and style, acting with integrity in accordance with values, reflecting on performance, and seeking feedback for improvement.

The TLF 2.0: Transforming Schools for a New Reality

Supporting educators as change agents during unpredictable school years

The TLF 2.0: Transforming Schools for a New Reality supports leaders to redefine their roles as change agents in an ever-changing K-12 environment. As schools and districts continue to navigate through the aftermath of the pandemic, the adapted framework guides educators to think about the needs and priorities of the system, school, or team so that they can move forward with an equity- and an asset-based mindset. The guidance is not limited to a single scenario or learning environment, but supports leaders in meeting immediate and longer-term needs while planning for multiple contingencies.

Dive Deeper Into The TLF 2.0

Download the TLF reflection guide that is right for you: