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Principal Institute

After the Aspiring Principals Program, first-year principals (and second-year secondary principals) participate in the Principal Institute, a professional learning community that provides substantial professional development and support in the crucial early years on the job. Before moving into a principal role in the fall, our staff guide future New Leader Principals in developing a thoughtful Entry Plan that involves: collecting data from stakeholders, aligning staff around a common vision, setting student achievement targets, and establishing high standards for both the adults and students in the building.

Throughout the year, participants learn from their local network of New Leader Principals, refine their leadership skills and work together to drive student achievement gains. Local Principal Institute networks meet monthly for several hours, and participants also stay connected virtually to provide each other with ongoing feedback.

Who is in the Principal Institute?

  • First-year K-8 New Leader Principals
  • First- and second-year high school New Leader Principals

Participant Benefits

Through this program, participants will experience and receive:

  • Actionable and practical learning, including opportunities to get feedback and insight on pressing challenges in their schools
  • Tools, resources, and strategies to improve student achievement
  • Collegial connection with fellow New Leaders and the chance to mentor and learn from one another
  • Structured meetings with expert facilitation and support
  • A plan for distributing and leveraging leadership in their schools
  • Content differentiated for their particular needs

Ongoing Support Through the New Leader Network

Beyond the Principal Institute, New Leader Principals in each program city continue to share effective practices and support one another’s personal and professional development. They also join a network of almost 800 New Leaders across the country and have access to a wide range of resources and support:

  • Professional development workshops at the national level
  • Local professional development and community
    events held in each of our cities
  • School-wide diagnostic tools and action planning frameworks
  • Urban Excellence Framework Field Guide
  • The EPIC Knowledge System, featuring case studies and tools from schools across the country making significant achievement gains

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The Emerging Leaders Program and the Aspiring Principals Program grow the adult leadership capabilities of talented teachers and instructional leaders.