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Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program strengthens the leadership skills of talented teachers, coaches and assistant principals in partner districts and charter management organizations, putting participants on the pathway to the principalship while building leadership capacity across a system. We teach participants powerful mindsets and skill sets to start driving achievement gains in their schools right away. If candidates live in one of our program cities, the Emerging Leaders Program is the primary pathway into the Aspiring Principals Program.

Our Approach

Emerging Leaders integrates purposeful leadership training into participants’ daily work at school, so they develop key leadership skills while leading a team of teachers to advance school goals in real time. Participants are able to quickly develop key leadership skills, yielding benefits for students even within the training year. During the first two years of the program, 70 percent of participants led student gains across the classrooms they supervised.

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At New Leaders, we believe that educa­tors need to practice new habits and methods of leadership in order to truly learn them. In the Emerging Leaders Program, participants are introduced to valuable new concepts and skills and put them into action in the real world of their schools. These skills include:

  • Adult leadership: Motivating a team to believe in college success for all students and the team’s ability to realize this goal, building trusting relationships, giving constructive feedback, and leading effec­tive meetings;
  • Instructional leadership: Setting the expectation that college success is the target, guiding teams through a full data analysis cycle as well as observing and coaching teachers to improve instruction;
  • Culture leadership: Building a learning orienta­tion and sense of efficacy among team members and students focused on hard work and personal responsi­bility for one’s own development; and
  • Personal leadership: Receiving feedback and self-reflecting to continuously improve

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Selection Process

Successful candidates:

  • Have a serious intention and desire to serve as a principal and are prepared to enter the principal preparation pipeline
  • Are currently serving in a school where there are significant opportunities for them to lead a consistent team of adults focused on improving instruction and culture
  • Are viewed as high-potential leadership candidates by their current school, district or charter management organization
  • Have a record of student achievement results as a teacher, team lead, leadership team member or Assistant Principal

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Contact Information

To learn more about the program in each of our cities, visit the Locations page for your city of interest, or contact a local office.

Learn more about applying to our programs

The Emerging Leaders Program and the Aspiring Principals Program grow the adult leadership capabilities of talented teachers and instructional leaders.