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Our client partnerships to date have succeeded in building strong, customized visions of principal quality, supported by tools and trainings to build system capacity to meet this vision of leadership quality.


In the New Orleans Recovery School District, we worked with a steering committee of senior district leaders to completely revise their principal evaluation standards and evaluation rubric and to design a pilot model for principal evaluation that included student growth results. As part of the process, we engaged an advisory group of leading principals and teacher leaders who not only gave input on the standards and evaluation model, but also worked on the implementation and professional development plan for all system principals. Once the new performance standards were complete, we spent a year working with the district’s academic team to develop and deliver monthly professional learning sessions for principals based on the new expectations, and supporting the academic team in the pilot year of evaluation.

More recently, we are working with the Los Angeles Unified School District on a similar process of designing performance reviews for school leaders. We have developed detailed rubrics of principal performance based on their School Leadership Framework standards, engaging a wide range of stakeholders and principal managers in the process. We are also developing a pilot model and tools for principal performance reviews. Finally, we have developed training session designs and plans for introduction of the new Framework and expectations to all principals involved in the pilot of new performance reviews.

We have seen significant impact as the result of our partnerships. The ultimate beneficiaries of aligned policies, strategies and practices in support of transformative school leaders are the students we serve.

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