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Janeece Docal (Cohort 8, DC) Principal of Powell Elementary

Why give to New Leaders?

1. Strong leadership drives school success, providing students in poverty and students of color with the education they need and deserve.

Almost a third of all students – and nearly half of all African-American and Latino students – do not graduate high school. This perpetual achievement gap is the economic equivalent of a permanent national recession; one that this country can’t afford. But, there is hope. Principals are the primary drivers of school success, and your investment in us helps cultivate the next generation of effective school leaders.

2. Transformative change in education is only possible with high-quality leaders, and there is a leadership gap that you can help fill.

Great leaders make great schools. One leader has the power to transform the culture, instruction, and staff effectiveness at a school. Principals ensure an entire school – not just a single teacher or classroom – is performing at its best so that all children get the education they deserve. There are far too few school leaders who can produce the kind of results that are necessary to create dramatic change for low-income and minority students. New Leaders are poised to fill that gap, and your donation helps us dramatically transform our nation’s underperforming schools.

3. By supporting great leaders, you are supporting the growth of great teachers and
your effect is multiplied.

Supporting school leaders means supporting teachers as well.  In a national survey, 96 percent of teachers rated supportive leadership as absolutely essential or very important to retaining good teachers – more than any other factor. A great principal will hire and develop teachers who insist on high aspirations for students in low-income communities.

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