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Emerging Leaders Admissions

Below you will find information regarding the four-step admissions process. After reviewing this information, we strongly encourage you to review the ‘Requirements by Location’ page as this information varies city-by-city.

For general questions about the admissions process, please contact us at Our admissions process focuses on a few critical competencies we have found to be the most important in driving dramatic student achievement, including the belief that all students can achieve, strong instructional skills, the ability to think critically, and the skills necessary to lead others to action.

Application process for the New Leaders ELP

Step 1: Eligibility Form

The first step in the New Leaders application process is to confirm your eligibility for New Leaders’ programs. The eligibility process begins with the Pre-Eligibility Form. After submitting the Pre-Eligibility Form, you will be sent an automated email with instructions for completing the full Eligibility Form, including your unique Eligibility Form ID.

In order to be eligible, candidates must meet the eligibility requirements for their chosen program city.  Eligible candidates recommended for our Emerging Leaders Program  will follow the process outlined below. You will be notified via email within one week as to whether or not you are eligible to apply.  If you have questions regarding your eligibility status, please contact your local program office.

Be sure that you can receive emails and notifications from us by adding, and to your Contacts list – or check your Spam folder frequently for any emails from us.

Please note that candidates will be asked to submit a resume on the eligibility form.  Resumes are limited to a two-page maximum and will need to up-loaded as a PDF file.  Free PDF converters can be found here and on the internet.

Step 2: Assessments & Activities

Candidates who are determined to be eligible to apply to the Emerging Leaders Program will be invited to participate in a series of Admissions Activities. Each of the activities is designed to measure demonstration of the New Leaders Selection Standards to determine if potential candidates may be a strong fit for the Emerging Leaders Program. Once you complete the Admissions Activities, the submissions are reviewed and you will be notified of a final admissions decision two-three weeks after the application deadline for your city. Candidates who advance are presented with an offer to join the Emerging Leaders Program in their program city. The Admissions Activities include:

  1. Belief and Student Results Assessment: Assesses for the belief that all students can learn and the ability to set appropriate goals and measures of success. You will be required to submit your student achievement results for this assessment.
  2. Instructional Assessment: Requires candidates to review an instructional video and assess the classroom instruction and suggest strategies.
  3. Case Study: Focuses on critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making skills when confronting a vague or difficult challenge.
  4. Recommendation Form: An online form filled out by someone familiar with the work, results, and career accomplishments of the candidate.

Step 3: City Decision

After completing the four activities mentioned above, you will be contacted within two-three weeks of your city’s application deadline with a final determination.

In some instances candidates may be called in to their local program office for an in-person interview to make a final determination. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and you will be notified in the event that an interview is necessary.

If accepted into the program, you will be sent an official ‘Program Agreement’ which will outline the roles and responsibilities to which you will be held accountable, both as a program participant and as a member of the Emerging Leaders community.  You will also have an opportunity to meet with the local Emerging Leaders Program Director to learn more about program expectations.

You will also be required to submit a ‘Principal Commitment Form,’ which is presented to your principal and asks him or her to confirm that specific conditions will be made available to ensure you may fully participate in the Emerging Leaders Program.

Deferrals to the program will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

New Leaders admits program participants of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin. For more information, please click here.