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We will begin accepting applications to the Aspiring Principals Program for the 2014-2015 school year within the next month — check back regularly for an admissions process launch date! City-specific questions? Please contact our local program sites.

Although the application is closed for this year, you can still:

Find out if you are eligible to apply

Check the Requirements by Location page to ensure that you are eligible.

Prepare to apply

Be sure that you can receive emails and notifications from us by adding the following email addresses to your Contacts list:,,, and Or check your Spam folder frequently for any emails from us.

Once we begin accepting applications, the process entails:

Step 1: Eligibility Verification

The first step in the New Leaders application process is to confirm your eligibility for New Leaders’ programs. The eligibility process begins with the Pre-Eligibility Form. After submitting the Interest Form, you will be sent an automated email with instructions for completing the full Eligibility Form, including your unique Eligibility Form ID. All applicants must complete Eligibility Verification at least 72 hours before the deadline. In order to be eligible, candidates must meet the eligibility requirements for their chosen program city.

Eligible candidates recommended for our Aspiring Principals Program will follow the process outlined below. Eligible candidates recommended for our Emerging Leaders Program will be contacted by their chosen program city with next steps later in the school year. If  you haven’t already done so, be sure that you can receive emails and notifications from us by adding,,, and to your Contacts list – or check your Spam folder frequently for any emails from us. Please note that candidates will be asked to submit a resume on the Eligibility Form.  Resumes are limited to a two-page maximum and will need to be uploaded as a PDF file.  Free PDF converters can be found here and on the internet.

Step 2: Aspiring Principals Admissions Activities (Set 1)

The New Leaders Admissions Activities are a confidential set of web-based exercises designed to assess a candidate’s skill level as compared with various components of the New Leaders Selection Standards.  Specifically, the first set of activities focuses on problem solving, pedagogical knowledge, mission-alignment, and historical student achievement results. They are distributed to eligible candidate via email and completed online.  The first set of Admissions Activities must be submitted on or before the New Leaders admission deadline.

Step 3: Aspiring Principals Admissions Activities (Set 2)

Within a few weeks after submission, all candidates will receive an advancement decision regarding the first set of Admissions Activities. New Leaders will invite advancing candidates to complete a second set of Admissions Activities.  These will also be distributed via email and candidates will be given a specific length of time within which to complete and submit the activities online.  This second set of Admission Activities is designed to measure a candidate’s ability to use data to drive instruction and decision-making, knowledge of high-quality instructional practices, and the ability to assess and manage the human capital in a school.

Step 4: Finalist Selection Day

The Finalist Selection Day is an in-person, daylong interview designed to simulate “a day in the life of a principal.”  Finalists participate in a variety of activities that may include one-on-one interviews, group interviews, case studies, role-plays, data analysis, and goal setting.  The Finalist Selection Day is designed not only to assess each candidate against all of the New Leaders Selection Standards, but also to provide an opportunity for demonstrating how his or her knowledge, skills, and abilities might translate to the principalship. Participants must take the day off from work, and may need to travel (locations pending).  New Leaders will cover any travel costs and work with candidates to make the necessary arrangements.

Step 5: Reference Checks and Final Decision

For those applicants selected to advance beyond Finalist Selection Day, a member of the local city program team will perform a series of Reference Checks, including the candidate’s current, direct supervisor.

Step 6: Secure a Placement

Once a candidate accepts an offer to join New Leaders, the local program site staff will work with the candidate and the site’s partner school district(s) to secure a Residency placement for the upcoming school year.  Final entrance into the New Leaders cohort is dependent upon a secured Residency Placement. Please contact the local program team with any questions about their local placement process.

New Leaders admits program participants of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin. For more information, please click here.


Determine which program is for you

Find out if you are eligible

Prepare to apply

Complete Admissions Activities (two parts)

Attend a Finalist Selection Day

Go through Reference Checks and receive final decision notification

Secure a Residency placement